How UV light technology works

NuvaWave’s potent, powerful UV light technology is uniquely lethal to microorganisms and pathogens.

NuvaWave technology

The power of hospital-grade disinfection in the palm of your hand

Instant UV disinfects in just one second: NuvaWave is the first Instant UV disinfection product that unlocks the power of UV with its portable design and one second disinfection time for any team to easily integrate into their workflow.

Chemical-free, routine disinfection: Unlike chemical wipes or sprays, Instant UV with NuvaWave is safe to use on sensitive devices, equipment, and tools allowing you to safely disinfect critical surfaces on a more routine basis.

Proven third-party lab results and EPA registered: Registered with the EPA, NuvaWave is proven by third-party laboratory tests to deactivate > 99.88% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other dangerous pathogens like MRSA and E.coli on high-touch surfaces in seconds.

Chemical free disinfection in one second

NuvaWave is the Instant UV device proven to disinfect surfaces against deadly pathogens in one second with its targeted UV light and portable, handheld design.

Despite the best protocols and current technologies, dangerous pathogens are spreading and continue to need innovative solutions to mitigate risk. No-touch methods (e.g., ultraviolet devices) should be considered as an adjunct to chemical and terminal disinfection— especially on high-touch surfaces.

UVC light penetrates cell wall

The light irreversibly disrupts DNA/RNA structure

Blue light absorption causes intercellular oxidation

Pathogen are inactivated and cannot replicate

Surface disinfection devices

The NuvaWave® portable, handheld device is the ultimate solution for surface and equipment UVC disinfection, killing 99.9%+ of pathogens in one second.

NuvaWave Instructions for Use

Healthcare product manufacturers are required to produce and provide Instructions for Use (IFU) documents for their reusable surgical instruments, medical devices and equipment, and implantable biologics, materials, and devices.

To minimize healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and adhere to accreditation standards, your Sterile Processing and Operating Room technicians continually refer to these documents as they maintain and prepare equipment.

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